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Growing Up Catholic is a ministry of The Pastoral Center, a small (but mighty) family-owned ministry and business.



Faith Formation that Lasts a Lifetime

Growing Up Catholic is a set of parish resources that coaches and empowers parents to form their own children in faith.

Our broader Growing Up Catholic ministry is driven by the idea that we should evangelize and coach parents to form their own kids.

The leader's role in the faith formation of children in your parish remains a very important one. You now become the coach to assist the parents to play their role better.

By forming their own children, the parents themselves are formed more deeply in their own faith. And if the parents are not in the process, the child will not have faith.

Almost every active adult Catholic today is active because his or her parents had faith. Their faith did not come from a textbook, no matter how excellent it may have been. It came from the witness and the "faith talk" that went on in the home. We must, therefore, form a real partnership between parish and household.

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Excellent, practical, pastoral resources for every parish ministry

The Pastoral Center provides tools and support for every parish ministry.

We are Catholic pastoral ministers ourselves with extensive experience in a wide variety of pastoral ministries. We really understand the joys and challenges of ministry work.

Practical pastoral resources. We seek out and create excellent resources that leaders can put into use right away.

Affordability. We know parish budgets are tight. That's why we offer bulk-pricing, inexpensive booklets, and downloadable, reproducible eResources.

Free pastoral coaching by phone. We'll talk you through your situation, give you suggestions, and point you to helpful resources.

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Growing Up Catholic
A ministry of The Pastoral Center
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