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A complete week-long program for teaching Pope Francis’ encyclical

Whether you run a large established VBS program or are starting a new one, EarthKeepers VBS makes it easy, fun, and affordable. Help children explore the principles and Scripture behind Pope Francis’ On Care for Our Common Home (Laudato Si’).

Adaptations for COVID-19

How to Lead Vacation Bible School in a year with COVID-19

Detailed guidelines for planning and adapting your VBS approach this year, with coronavirus social distancing restrictions and concerns. Read the document here.

Games for Virtual VBS

Engaging games that can be played over Zoom or other video conferencing apps.

Licensing for At-Home Experiences

If you are planning or considering a virtual VBS experience this year, note that our licenses give you permission to share the download links with all of your leaders so they can prepare from home. You can also share individual electronic files with your participants, although we recommend having families pick up and bring home a bag/box of materials before the VBS begins. You are allowed to stream sing-along videos over video conference or make them available directly to your participants. Audio CDs, and MP3 download cards still must be purchased separately for use by individual children/families. Please let us know if you have questions.



God Made Everything

The Creation Story

God created a good, beautiful, amazing, holy world that we are a part of. God made creation to work together, but it is in trouble. 


God Asks Us to Be Caretakers

The Fig Tree

Whose world is it? It still belongs to God, who gave us the special job of taking care of it and protecting it. To be creation caretakers, we need God’s wisdom.


We Use Just What We Need

Manna in the Desert

Taking and using too much isn’t good for us, others, or the rest of creation. Everything is a gift from God, who doesn’t want us to waste it. We can waste less if we are careful.


God Teaches Us to Heal Creation

Sabbath & Jubilee

God made creation to have enough for everyone, but some people have made bad choices to hurt creation and not share fairly. God asks us to make things right again.


We Live More Simply and Joyfully

The Greedy Farmer

The Bible reminds us that “less is more.” Living with “enough” is good for us, the earth, and our neighbors. We don’t need to own or use lots of things to enjoy life.

Download PDF Overview

ek overview


Affordable & Flexible

Offered as a reproducible resource (for all components exccept music CDs).

Available in both downloadable and physical formats.

Physical leader guides are in a binder with tabs to make them easy to rearrange or duplicate.

Bulk-priced CDs can easily be sent home with every family.

Enthusiastically Catholic

Share the wisdom of Pope Francis’ encyclical On Care for Our Common Home (Laudato Si’).

Use cross-references to specific sections of Laudato Si' and the Catechism of the Catholic Church to go deeper.

Share the stories of creation care saints, sending home prayer cards so they'll be remembered.

A great Scripture-based experience perfect for any parish!

Catchy, Meaningful Music

Seven fun, positive, playful childrens' songs for learning about caring for our common home.

Collection includes MP3s, sing-along lyric videos, sheet music, and lyric sheets.

Suggested hand motions are included for select songs.

The collection contains six songs by Bryan Sirchio and a bonus song by Jesse Manibusan.

Comprehensive, but Simple

We provide all the core features you expect in a VBS, without overwhelming complexity.
Includes Scripture, prayer, drama, music, games, crafts, and activities, all nicely integrated to teach children how to be enthusiastic followers of Jesus!

Share these engaging stories, in which God taught the Israelites not to take more than they needed by putting "wiggly, squiggly" worms in their bread, or where Jesus talks about giving a fig tree a second chance.

The program is easy to adapt to your timeframe and preferences.

Practice What You Preach

Model good stewardship and be kind to the planet with our sustainable, low-waste VBS.

Reduce the amount of plastic junk that your VBS generates and will end up in a landfill.

Serve snacks based on our recipes that are healthier and have less refined sugar.

Teach kids how to collaborate and solve problems together (and not just compete) with our creative games.

Print out everything yourself with our downloadable, reproducible resources to produce just what you need, and save on shipping costs (monetary and environmental).

Creative & Interactive

Lead fun, cooperative games that reinforce learning.

Prepare yummy, simple snacks like "Worms in the Bread," "Fruit Flowers," and "Ants on a Log."

Crafts that bring out creativity and keep hands busy.

Teach a "Creation Care R" each day: an action beginning with the letter R that EarthKeepers should take. Daily skits drive them home.

Tell playful, down-to-earth stories to drive conversation and give insights.

Send daily challenges home with parent pages, to help families take concrete steps in response to Pope Francis' call to action.


Leader Guide

Overview of the VBS and guidelines for orchestrating the process. Includes a sample schedules, a day-by-day overview, and more.


Large Group Session Guide

Contains Opening, “Go Deeper,” and Closing sessions, which we recommend holding with your large group.


Bible Story Sessions

Sessions to focus on how Scripture calls us to care for God’s creation. Powerpoint/PDF slides and skits are also provided.

PreviewPreview Slides

Crafts & Activity Guide

Crafts, stories, and activities with worksheets to help the children better understand each day’s theme. Choose from among the activities, depending on your available time and the age of the group.

Preview handouts (younger children)
Preview handouts (older children)


Games Guide

Games and activities developed to work alongside the daily themes. Multiple options are provided, some working better with different age groups and some for both indoor and outdoor use. We have emphasized cooperative over competitive games.


Snack Guide

Creative daily food ideas with tie-ins to the daily themes. We have chosen healthy and low-waste options.


Publicity Tools

• Invitation Postcard Template  
• Invitation Letter Template  
• Logo Artwork (freely make your own branded t-shirts, reusable water bottles, posters, or other items)

Music Components

(See below)

Other Components Include:

• VBS: What, Why, and How (Getting Started)
• Preschool Leader Guide (Tips for Adaptations)
• Decoration Ideas
• Problem Solvers Kit - Many more creation care activities, especially for older children).


Featuring the music of Bryan Sirchio and a bonus song from Jesse Manibusan

A great collection of seven fun, positive, playful childrens' songs for learning about caring for our common home.

VBS Sing-Along Video Previews

Worms in the Bread

Written & performed by Bryan Sirchio. © Crosswind Music, 2003. All rights reserved.

One for You and One for Me

Written & performed by Bryan Sirchio. © Crosswind Music, 2003. All rights reserved.

The Manna Song

Written & performed by Bryan Sirchio. © Crosswind Music, 2003. All rights reserved.

Can You See?

Written & performed by Jesse Manibusan. © 1987. All rights reserved.


Written & performed by Bryan Sirchio. © Crosswind Music, 2003. All rights reserved.

God’s Green Earth

Written & performed by Bryan Sirchio. © Crosswind Music, 2003. All rights reserved.

Dream God’s Dream

Written & performed by Bryan Sirchio. © Crosswind Music, 2003. All rights reserved.

Music Components

The downloadable VBS starter kit includes the following components for use within the VBS sessions (all downloadable):
• MP3 audio files of all songs
• Songbook with lead sheets (melody line scores, lyrics, and chords)
• Simple sing-along videos
• Sumple lyric handouts

The physical starter kit includes:
• All of the downloadable files on a data CD-ROM
• Audio CD
• Simple sing-along lyric video DVD
• Printed songbook

In addition, purchase inexpensive bulk audio CDs to send home with families, so they can continue to sing the VBS songs!




Downloadable Starter Kit

  • Reproducible files delivered electronically

  • Music for use in VBS delivered electronically

  • Online access to
    sing-along videos


Physical Kit + Downloadable

  • Handy tabbed binder + CD-ROM + download access

  • Audio CD & printed music + download access

  • Sing-along video DVD + online access

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