Here's what other leaders like you have said about our VBS themes:

"I wanted to send a quick note to you and thank you for the awesome VBS program! We are on our 4th day of Vacation Bible School, and it is going so well! We have received many compliments on the content of the program, the kids are having a great time, our teachers and leaders are so pleased with all of the activities.

One comment that really spoke volumes to me was the fact that it is a fairly simple program, and because of this, the message really is received. So many VBS programs have become a huge production, and the message of God is lost in all of the external factors of the program. I am so glad we happened upon your program. I hope you are working on another one for next year, because we will be reaching out to you! This is the first time in at least 15 years that our parish has hosted a VBS. Looks like it will become an annual event for us."

— Pam Richter, St. Anne’s Catholic Church, Berryville, AR
"I cannot thank you enough for the awesome customer service for our VBS booklets. The kids are enjoying it so much. No one can remember the last time our parish held VBS and everyone is just loving it. Thank you again and our volunteers love the program. God bless you."
"Everything was great!! The leaders really appreciated all the material—everything was so easy to follow. And the kids love it!"
"Thank you for developing a VBS that put the children in touch what our Holy Father was encouraging."
"I appreciated how Catholic it was! Loved the emphasis on the teaching of the church."
"I loved the activities and how they all tied into the scriptures of the day."
"Thought this program was spot on."
"The music was upbeat and relevant."
"The sessions were beautifully timed and planned out."
"It was financially reasonable; I could download what I wanted."
"I liked the connection between the Church's teaching and real life."
"Our pastor found this program and we are glad he did. He even stopped by a few times throughout the week to play an activity or two with the youth."
"I have done 29 VBS programs over the years, and am so glad to see that there is some truly Catholic curriculum coming forth."
"We had so much fun with this and the kids loved the music. The recommended snack menus were wonderful. It all worked very well for us."
"Most importantly, the KIDS loved it!"
"The incarnational language and the games were great."
"It was easy, inexpensive, and the kids liked it."
"It was just awesome."
"I'm happy it didn't have all the throw-away junk that other VBSs have."
"The topic and its relevance to children was appreciated."