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Who Is My Neighbor?

Respond to the Great Commandment and Pope Francis' powerful encyclical Fratelli Tutti

Neighbors are more than people who live next door. Neighbors are more than people in our families or communities. Through five carefully chosen Bible stories, Who Is My Neighbor? leads children on a journey to discover more about God’s great love. From looking at how to be a neighbor to diving into what it means to live out our faith, this interactive VBS series will lead children deeply into Bible stories focused on God’s care and compassion for neighbors close at hand and around the world.

The Bible passages begin with the Great Commandment and story of the Good Samaritan, the same Gospel stories around which Pope Francis builds his encyclical Fratelli Tutti (On Fraternity & Social Friendship). Each day starts with relationship-building, joint worship, music, prayer, and a dramatic presentation of the Bible story.

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A Different Kind of VBS


Leaders and kids alike will have a blast with crafts, skits, games, snacks, moving to the music, and more.


Both our downloadable and physical kits are priced below other popular VBSs and allow you to reproduce almost all pieces.

For Catholic Parishes

Participating children will grow in their Catholic faith and relationship with Jesus.

Musically Spirited

You’ll be humming along to top-notch, kid-friendly music from Oregon Catholic Press that won’t drive adults crazy.

Simple & Flexible

We make life easy for leaders by giving you everything you need without overwhelming complexity.

Ideal Themes

Teach the kerygma—the core of our faith—and focus on the top priorities of today's Church.

  • Relationship building: As children arrive at VBS each day, small group leaders guide children in activities designed to build community and create a feeling of belonging.
  • Gathered worship: Children of all ages gather to sing, pray, and watch a dramatic presentation of the Bible story.
  • Spiritual practices: Spiritual practices are included each day, including music, Bible memorization, and different ways of praying.
  • Centrality of the Bible story: The Bible story is shared and explored in multiple ways each day—through drama, hands-on activities, music, full-body movement, writing, art, and reflection.
  • Wondering questions: Children are invited to reflect on the Bible stories using open-ended wondering questions. These questions show a respect for children’s interpretations and their ideas.
  • Discovery-based learning: Activities in the three response stations promote creative, discovery-based learning.
  • Child-centered approach: Activities are child-centered and attend to individual learning styles. The curriculum materials anticipate the diversity of needs that children have.
  • Invitation to respond: Children are challenged to take action that demonstrates care for others and for the world.

Three Engaging Themes for 2023!

Who Is My Neighbor?

Learning to Love Like Jesus

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Great Big Beautiful World

Living Laudato Si'

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Peace Lab

Discover God's Way of Peace

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